We are Neo-Flour, a family business made of multi-cultural heritage and open-minded people who lived in Americas, Europe and Asia.

We are proud to supply the best gluten free, 100% natural cassava flour to improve people's cooking experience. Our premium cassava flour pushes the limits of recipes' creativity and flavour.

We want to collaborate with our consumers by exchanging recipes and new ways of cooking.

But above all, we are passionate about supporting a gluten free lifestyle.

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Cassava Flour

Cassava also known as manioc, maniok, manioca, mandioca, yuca, is a root with more than 60% of water, rich in fibres and ease to digest. It is scientific classified in the Family of Euphorbiaceae, Genus Manihot and Species Manihot esculenta. Its origin is very much debated but there is some consensus about its first appearance in Amazonia region, South America, where cassava roots are commonly used in the culinary traditions.

The very fine Neo-Flour Premium Cassava is obtained after selecting, processing and grinding the roots. Our flour has a more neutral taste, sometimes an indistinct nutty flavour. In a gluten free diet Neo-Flour can substitute wheat as one-to-one in many traditional recipes. However, our flour absorbs more liquid than wheat flour. Consequently, in some recipes you might need to slightly reduce around 15% the quantity of Neo-Flour, adjust the recipe or add more liquids if possible.

We invite you to try our homemade recipes available for you to get use with the Neo-Flour behaviour in your cooking and baking.